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Current Residence: Canada
Just getting the last journal off of my front page.

Been super busy these days with work. Currently animating on the CG feature The Little Prince, being done in Montreal.
I am having fun and learning lots and have met some really awesome people on the production. elipse being one of those people C: I don't know if anyone else from work is on here (other than bmaras of course).
I've been on the film for almost a year already, which is crazy! Really getting to know the characters/rigs, only about 5 months left till I'm done on this project, though.
Will need to start figuring out what to do after. Need to update my demo reel with personal stuff @___________@;; but there's so little time in the day to actually do anything.

Thanks for all the new watchers and comments on my work. I'm still active on here when it comes to looking at art and responding to comments if anyone asks any questions, but I've just not been drawing much. I have some doodles in my work notebook, maybe I can find something to post so I'm not assumed dead. I keep telling myself that I'll get back into drawing once I have a cg demo reel that I'm happy with. Hopefully that will actually happen.

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Great works...
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Thank you! C:
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omg i love your work! and i love undina cartoon :D so beautiful and sweet :) i want to click favourite but dont know how on a video lol i've watched/added you :D hope yr well *huggles* xx
moonmystique Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
Aww, thank you! C:
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You. Are. GLORIOUS!!!! 
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Aww, thaaaaanks :B
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Happy birthday! :D
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