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Go see! Go watch!
It's only the French trailer that's out so far, but the film is made originally in English and will come out in the US and Canada.
And the stop motion in the film is real stop motion.

There are several snipets of my shots in this trailer. And the thumbnail for it is one of my shots @_@ So weird seeing it everywhere now O_O
So now I have just under two weeks left working on The Little Prince! Then onto another feature being made in Montreal, I'll post more about it when I can.

Also, bmaras and I started a tumblr together.

Feel free to check it out! I don't know how much posting I'll be doing on here, so follow us there if you want some updates.
I'm not sure yet what will happen to my blogspot blog...I might repost some of that stuff onto the tumblr. Hmm.
Just getting the last journal off of my front page.

Been super busy these days with work. Currently animating on the CG feature The Little Prince, being done in Montreal.
I am having fun and learning lots and have met some really awesome people on the production. elipse being one of those people C: I don't know if anyone else from work is on here (other than bmaras of course).
I've been on the film for almost a year already, which is crazy! Really getting to know the characters/rigs, only about 5 months left till I'm done on this project, though.
Will need to start figuring out what to do after. Need to update my demo reel with personal stuff @___________@;; but there's so little time in the day to actually do anything.

Thanks for all the new watchers and comments on my work. I'm still active on here when it comes to looking at art and responding to comments if anyone asks any questions, but I've just not been drawing much. I have some doodles in my work notebook, maybe I can find something to post so I'm not assumed dead. I keep telling myself that I'll get back into drawing once I have a cg demo reel that I'm happy with. Hopefully that will actually happen.
Anyone looking for more ds friend codes for pokemon safari still?
I'd love to get some more friends in my safari.

My FC: 4699-6485-8309
Please let me know if you add me so that I can add you back :)
Just wanted to spread the word on a Kickstarter project by Ken Duncan's Studio called "My Beastly ABC's" Interactive Storybook App!

The project has only 4 days left and still needs $10k to go! So any pledges will help! The way Kickstarter works is that if the project doesn't reach it's goal by the date, they don't get any of the money pledged (you're only charged if it get's fully funded). You get some cool stuff if you pledge so check it out. I really love the tshirts, so cute! C:

For those of you who don't know who Ken Duncan is,  just check out his imdb:
Ken's an amazing animator who has brought some of our favorite Disney characters to life, including Jane from Tarzan and Meg from Hercules. So if you could spare a few bucks, I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading and checking it out!


On a more personal update, I'm working full time so I got barely anytime to do anything these days. So I'm no longer taking classes at Would like to do some cg tests on my own and keep working on my portfolio, maybe some 2d animation some time, that would be fun.
So bmaras and I started playing with the DrawSomething app, and we're having so much fun! If anyone else is using it you can add our joint account (boranda).
There's a free version and I think it's for iphone/ipad and android phones. So much fun!!

Here's a link to the free version on the itunes store:…
Just wanted to let you guys knows that I've put my film (Undina) in storage and any of the art I had online related to it (on my blog and vimeo). It's currently involved in a project, and all the stuff will be put back up in a little while once it's done. Just in case anyone notices it's gone =p
bmaras and I are cutting down our animation book collection and I thought I'd just make a post about it on here since they're all animation/art books.
You can see the list of books we have for sale and their prices here:…

The reason we're selling them is because we've got some doubles and there's a possibility of us moving in the future and so we won't be able to take them all with us, but we're keeping our faves (which is still a lot, lol! Mostly the old school Disney books) and we figured it'll be easier to sell them now while we have the time.

If you'd like to purchase a book or are interested in one, please email Boris at with your name, your country, and which books you would like buy and we'll get back to you with the shipping costs. Feel free to ask questions as well.

Right now, the easiest way to pay is to send money through paypal.

All books are from our private collection and a smoke-free home. None of them are ex-library books like you might find on Amazon.

We are willing to ship internationally as well.

Thanks so much for looking!
My boyfriend bmaras just uploaded his short animated film from last year onto deviantart!
Go check it out and tell him what you think! C:…
So just a small update, not much is going on with me at the moment, started iAnimate classes about a month ago (, for those of you who don't know, it's an online animation school very similar to Animation Mentor) so I'm currently learning cg animation. It's a lot of fun to be learning again, and I've got a great instructor. So I'm not working atm to really focus on getting better with animation. It's a nice break.

The first few weeks were pretty stressful, just learning Maya and getting used to some of the kinks it has and figuring everything out. I think I'm getting the hang of it though, and I can see how fun it's going to be when we start getting into better assignments with better characters.

Anyway, I really needed to get that old journal off of my front page x)

Been drawing a few things lately, but not as much as I'd like to (isn't that always the case?), but I've been drawing more recently than I have in the past little while, and I hope to do more and more. I feel so rusty though! D:

So I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting any new art, but I'll try to make it happen soon! C:
Thanks for sticking around! ;)

I'm entered in a design contest to win an ipad, and would really appreciate if I could get some people to vote for my entry!

No need to sign up or anything, you would just "like" the entry with facebook.
The site hosting the contest "tattoos" apple products by engraving.

Here's my entry:…

Thanks so much for whoever helps! C:
Hey everyone!
I hope your Holidays have been awesome so far and that you've all started the New Year well.

I'm just wondering if anyone is still interested in getting any drawings from my film, since I've only had one person buy one from me so far.
I've dropped the prices so $10.00 gets you one of the selected drawings that is posted on my etsy (, plus two random drawings, and that includes shipping. And the cheaper ones are $6.00, plus one random drawing, also including shipping. (Shipping to the USA is about $4.00 because it's awkward 12 field sized animation paper, so I'm not making much money of of them).

I've got a box full of drawings that I really need to get rid of, but like I said already, I'd hate to throw them away since so much work went into my whole film. I haven't posted any more up on my etsy so far though, since you have to pay to list items, so I just thought I'd ask again if anyone is still interested. Please let me know! If anyone's interested in specific drawings I don't have posted on etsy, feel free to note me with a request!

I've posted a few things on my Etsy store now :

I had to change the prices to USD instead of Canadian because they didn't give an option for Canadian D: Sorry bout that. I guess the extra few cents will cover the Etsy charges and stuff.

Anyway, feel free to check it out! I'll be posting more soon, though I need to take photos during the day since the quality turns out kinda cruddy and dark at night.
If anyone would like to request a particular drawing I'd be happy to get it for you! 8]
Would anyone be interested in buying some original animation frames from my film?

I hope I'm not coming off as arrogant or anything, I don't imagine there would be many, if any, people interested in it at all.
It's just that all the animation from my film is kind of taking up a lot of room where I'm at right now, and I won't be cleaning up my film. I hate throwing away drawings that I like too, so I thought I would throw the idea out there of selling them in an etsy store or something.
Not sure about pricing or shipping, but it would be reasonable.

Anyway, just comment if you'd be interested at all, I'd love to set something like this up if there are enough people interested 8]
I would hate to sell like only 2 drawings and then not have a complete scene anymore, lol!


Ok so I figured out how much I can ship the drawings for and have decided on prices.

I would say nice keys and drawings that I particularly like (if they're drawn nice, bigger and/or coloured) would be priced at $12.00 CAD


Other drawings: $8.00 CAD


Shipping to Canada: add $3.50
Shipping to USA: add $5.00
International: add $8.00

I'm very new to selling my work online, so I tried to compare prices for prints vs original artwork and I think these are fair prices.
I won't sell any drawings that are bad or way too small, that won't be fair.

Since I'll be selling through Etsy, I'll have various drawings up. I might try doing batches, either mixed or maybe some consecutive drawings depending on if there's any interest for them. Also, feel free to request certain drawings, though they might not be available.

If this still interests anyone I'd love to know! If this gets a fair response and I continue to do this, I'll update again when I put up some drawings for sale. Thanks a lot everyone! <3
I wanted to thank everyone for all the amazing comments and faves on my film! And anyone who watched me because of it!
I would have loved to write something up earlier but homg I am SO busy atm!
Working 2 jobs for a while reeeaally tires you out, haha x(

But THANK YOU for the love guys, it's really appreciated! And my film got me my first DD so that's really exciting! :D

I should be finishing one of the jobs soooon, animating on Ugly Americans (flash/traditionally animated tv show) and the other job will be on for a little longer but I'm not exactly sure till when though. It is super fun though because I'm character animating for a feature film (so is bmaras) for a few companies in Europe. Can't really say much about it though. So after UA is done I'll have a little bit more time to actually draw something for myself, which I haven't been able to do lately D:

Seriously considering in January, to learn me some 3d.
Going to the CTN expo this year, SO EXCITED :D


  • Reading: Drawn to Life: volume two
  • Watching: Dexter
Just saw The Secret of Kells today, it's really cool! 8)
It's crazy how much still works with such a flat style. Nice colours, fun characters and it's got a little bit of spooky which is awesome! And the backgrounds were really nice, the style was very interesting to watch.
I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

I've been working on my senior film as of late and I've been mostly keeping the film updates to my blog for now.
If you're interested, check it out! There's not too much yet, but as I keep going I plan to update with more.
It's been a while since I last did any, but would anybody be interested in any commissions from me?
Since I've finished my summer co-op doing clean up for Princess and the Frog, I've got about a month of free time left before school starts, so while I'm developing my film idea I'd love to do some. It'll definitely help me get back into drawing.

Character portraits, full body poses, fanart, ocs, whatever you want 8)

I don't have prices figured out yet, but they'd probably be decent.

Just wanna see if anyone's interested before I make a prices list.
Comment or note me if you're interested! Thanks!
I need to draw more :I
I've been really busy lately cause of schoool!
I'm posting more often on my blog right now, so if you guys want to check it out, go to

Thanks 8)
(I'm so behind on Christmas shopping D: )
omg omg omg the Ottawa Animation Festival was awesome wicked this year.
Saw both Eric Goldberg and Richard Williams, which really inspired me to want get some serious drawing done.

And bmaras and I totally snagged a photo with Eric after I squeaked a "hi" to him. He's so cute and small :B

I'm totally geeking out about this, I'll post more in-depth + photo later after homework is done. yaaaay animation <3

Here's the photo of Eric Goldberg and us x)…

Who was I kidding, homework is never done x(
So the new DA's looking pretty nice 8) Mhmm.

Anyway, crazy thing..I got a new computer 8D Still setting it up though.
And I got a job with bmaras (of course >D ) at a super nice movie theater; it's got it's own bowling alley and bar and 19+ screenings.

So once I get settled into everything I'll be getting into those requests, now that photoshop'll be able to run smoothly and all. I have 2 done though I'll post them in bunches I think :9

So yah...24" monitor C: Woo!